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bmwsRob Colombin, Owner & operator, has been working in the automotive industry for over 25 years.

Growing up in an automotive household, as a kid, Rob tagged along with his dad in auto repair shops, learning to clean and fetch parts. As a teenager, he fostered his love of all things with wheels beginning with BMX bikes and mini bikes, and then graduated to motor cross, super bike racing, and desert racing, making modifications and roadside repairs along the way.

Rob has come a long way from those early years of using his mother’s oven to seat-in bearings (much to her dismay). After earning an Associate of Science Degree in Automotive Technologies, he embarked on his automotive career by beginning with BMW.

Throughout his career with BMW dealerships, Rob worked as shop foreman and training coordinator, gathering valuable experience with the product along the way. Later, he folded Land Rover into his field of expertise, adding factory training, becoming a certified Land Rover Technician and dealership experience to his credit.

“Dealership experience has been invaluable,” Rob says. “It allowed me to see the benefits and the drawbacks, helping me to better understand the needs of my customers. The goal is to not only understand those needs, but to exceed the customer’s expectations while building good working relationships.”
Rob’s sidekicks are three Labrador Retrievers. They keep an eye on things in the shop and greet customers with a wag and a lick. If you’re a dog lover, they might even climb onto your lap or convince you to throw a ball a few times.